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The Author Speaks: on pushing the fledglings out of the nest

An update on the distribution of pre-orders.

So, a lot has happened in the span of time since my last update. Most notably, I have managed to post out all of the domestic pre-orders. That means that those who were early adopters have already started receiving their books.

Of course, things being what they are in 2020, nothing runs entirely smoothly and the postal system unfortunately is a prime example. Who gets their book delivered and when is more or less the luck of the draw. Tracking numbers do help keep tabs on where things are at, but unfortunately can’t predict when that parcel will rock up on your doorstep. Naturally this creates frustration for those who are eager beavers wanting to get the thing they just paid for, but there’s only so much one can do.

Getting these books out into the world has been a trepidatious undertaking but in order to get the chicks to fly they have to be turfed out of the nest. Given that this is a one man performing the jobs that would probably be undertaken by maybe four or five different people in any other context, I think I’m doing reasonably well, but the court of public opinion doesn’t always align with your personal perspective. And so it is with the book itself. Hopefully soon I will start getting people who have finished reading the book giving reviews and then I suppose we shall see if the consensus is in favour or not. Will Glenrowan fly or will it plummet gracelessly into the foam and rocks?

Undoubtedly the lockdown in Victoria has played havoc with everything but that’s to be expected. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that seem to think it’s business as usual, which is frankly beyond me. Still, I have been doing my best to pack the parcels, get out to the post office and send them, then individually email people their tracking number. Remember, folks, self-publishing isn’t simply a matter of writing a book and printing it, there’s a lot of work that comes after that. Though there have been obstacles I think overall I’m satisfied with how things have gone for the most part, barring the odd unfortunate happenstance. Besides, having cleared out almost half of my stock means I don’t have anything to complain about! I am thankful for the opportunity to work given the current situation.

If this post seems a bit more rambling than normal that will be because I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time and it has been slowly catching up on me. With that in mind, I’ll leave it here and just pop in a reminder that while you’re waiting for your book to be delivered you can always read one of the free short stories that have been published on the site here. They don’t take long to read (hence the nomenclature) and help to flesh out some of the characters you encounter in Glenrowan. There will be more later on, I just have to find time to write them.

Au revoir.

By AJFPhelan56

Father, writer, artist and bushranging historian residing in Melbourne, Australia. Author of 'Glenrowan' and the popular website A Guide to Australian Bushranging.

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