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Death of Captain Standish (20 March 1883)

The illness of Captain Frederick Charles Standish, the late chief commissioner of the Victorian police force, terminated fatally yesterday. He died at the Melbourne Club about half-past 5 o’clock. For some months the condition of his health had been such as to leave little hope of other than a fatal ending. About two years ago he had a slight attack of apoplexy , and since that time he has been gradually failing. He was suffering from disease of the heart and of the liver, and there were also indications of softening of the brain.

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An Extract from Chapter Two: Ned Kelly’s Masterplan

Joe Byrne holds a clandestine meeting with the Sherritts in this extract from the second chapter of Glenrowan.

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Destruction of the Kelly Gang: Further Particulars (5 July 1880)

The meagre items of news that became disseminated during the early part of the day were made the foundation of some sensational narratives with regard to the proceedings of sympathizers with the Kellys. It transpired that there had been a scene of disorder at Greta. Hart and some other friends of the outlaws indulged in some wild threat, stating their determination to prevent an inquest being held. An official report received during the morning reported that fifty armed men had joined Hart and his friends. The Chief Commissioner of Police (Captain Standish), who had returned to Melbourne, sent a body of armed police to the district by the earliest train, and another detachment was sent from Wangaratta, but consequent on the great excitement prevailing in the district the police were very guarded in their movements.

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Ned Kelly’s Last Stand – One Glenrowan Survivor (22 February 1930)

In his home at Glenhuntley he still treasures the relics of that memorable morning when the reign of terror of the Kelly gang came to an end. In a green baize he keeps the revolver which he took from Ned. It is the weapon that Kelly took from the police sergeant at Jerilderie when the gang held up the town and robbed the bank. A chip from the handle shows where one of the police bullets caught Ned. Kelly’s thumb at Glenrowan. Another interesting relic in Mr Dowsett’s possession is the long boot worn by Kelly in the final fight. It was used as evidence at the trial and shows the hole made by one of Sergeant Steele’s bullets. The mustard tin in which Kelly kept his ammunition shows two holes made by the bullets fired at him by Dowsett. One of the bullets was found inside the tin, and is shown by Mr Dowsett as evidence of his good aim.