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The Kelly Gang — by Electric Telegraph (14 August 1880)

A summary of news reports pertaining to Ned Kelly’s upcoming hearing, the armour, the injured Reardon boy, the burning of the inn and more.

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The Kelly Bushrangers (3 July 1880)

The following description of what took place at Glenrowan is taken from the Melbourne Age of June 29, and although going over the same ground as the telegrams already published, contains fuller information…

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Charge of Harbouring the Kelly Gang (26 November 1880)

Anne Jones, late of the Glenrowan Hotel, was charged before the Wangaratta Bench this morning, under the 275th clause of the Criminal Offences Statute, with harbouring a felon.

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The Kelly Gang. New Light on an Old Tragedy (23 September 1911)

A compilation of interviews conducted by Brian Cookson of Ann Jones, Arthur Steele and Paddy Allen.

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Sgt. Steele Interviewed by Cookson

“But, all the same, I may as well say that my success was owing to my using a shot gun instead of a rifle or pistol. It was no use trying to reach a vulnerable place in that man’s armour with a bullet. Shot was the stuff for that job; good big shot. And that’s what I got him with at last…”

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Anton Wicks’ Testimony

Testimony given by Anton Wicks (i.e. Wick, Weekes) regarding Aaron Sherritt’s death.

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The Postmaster Interviewed (2 July 1880)

“When he stuck up Bracken at the police station, he went into Bracken’s bedroom, and found Mrs. Bracken in bed with her little son. He shook hands with the little boy, and said, “I may be worth £2000 to you yet, my child.” He then demanded handcuffs and cartridges from Bracken, who had, however, to defend his office, where these things were, by cunning, evasive replies, for had Kelly got the handcuffs he would in all probability have put a pair on the constable, who would then have been unable to escape from the hotel, as he so opportunely did.”

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Constable Arthur’s Testimony

Constable James Arthur’s recollections of the siege given to the Royal Commission.

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Constable Phillips’ Testimony

Witness testimony of Constable William Phillips regarding his involvement in the Kelly pursuit and the siege of Glenrowan.

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Constable Dwyer’s Testimony

Evidence from Constable Dwyer to the 1881 Royal Commission.