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The Author Speaks: Anecdotes and Editing

A brief discussion on the difficulty in choosing what to keep or cut when writing a book based on fact.

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An exclusive extract from chapter one of Glenrowan

An excerpt from chapter one: Loyalty concerning the outlaw Kelly brothers and their siblings.

Creative Yarns from Kelly Country

The Californian

In the absence of men about the house, Ellen Kelly acquires a new suitor, and her son Dan has to reconsider his place in the pecking order.

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A Sister’s Love by William Beer (15 April 1881)

An 1881 poem about Kate Kelly.

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Kate Kelly visits a fortune teller (1 October 1880)

A brief news report gossiping about Kate Kelly’s trip to Geelong.

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Lost in the Dark

During a terrible rainstorm at night, Maggie Skillion and Kate Kelly become stranded. Soon help arrives in a most unexpected form.