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The Kelly Gang — by Electric Telegraph (14 August 1880)

A summary of news reports pertaining to Ned Kelly’s upcoming hearing, the armour, the injured Reardon boy, the burning of the inn and more.

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The Kelly Bushrangers (3 July 1880)

The following description of what took place at Glenrowan is taken from the Melbourne Age of June 29, and although going over the same ground as the telegrams already published, contains fuller information…

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Departure of Ned Kelly (6 August 1880)

Some time on Saturday morning, rumors were rife in Melbourne, says the Age, to the effect that Ned Kelly, who was expected to appear before the City Police this Monday morning, was not to undergo examination here, but was to be taken hence to Beechworth. Inquiry proved that this was correct, but as the authorities kept all proposed movements profoundly secret, a difficulty arose as to determining when and how the notorious outlaw would be deported to Beechworth.

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Ned Kelly’s own account of Glenrowan (Transcript of a letter dictated 5 November 1880)

Ned Kelly tells his own version of what happened at Glenrowan in a letter from the condemned cell at Melbourne Gaol.

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Ned Kelly’s Last Statement (19 November 1880)

I wish to place before you the facts of my case, which have never been placed in their true light. As represented, I took up arms in 1878 for the purpose of shooting the police, but six months elapsed between the shooting of Constable Fitzpatrick on the 13th of April and the Stringy-bark tragedy on the 26th of October, 1878, and there neither was robbery nor any other offence reported as done by me or my companions.

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An exclusive extract from chapter one of Glenrowan

An excerpt from chapter one: Loyalty concerning the outlaw Kelly brothers and their siblings.

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Update on Ned Kelly’s health (21 October 1880)

NED KELLY (the Melbourne Herald learns) is cheerful and hopeful. He displayed in gaol none of the bloodthirsty characteristics attributed to him. He was indeed so mild and quiet in his demeanour that it was difficult to reconcile him with the terrible bushranger of the newspapers.

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Dr. Nicholson’s Account (19 July 1880)

An account of the events at Glenrowan told by the medic who attended Superintendent Hare and Ned Kelly.

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Sherritt and the Kelly Gang

A news report covering Ned Kelly’s transfer to Beechworth and Aaron Sherritt’s relationship with the Kellys and police that led to his murder.

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Ned Kelly at Beechworth

A news report describing Ned Kelly’s conduct en route to Beechworth for his committal hearing.