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Statement of the Stationmaster (29 June 1880)

An account of Glenrowan from the Glenrowan stationmaster, John Stanistreet.

Glenrowan History News Reports

Hero of Glenrowan – Thomas Curnow Mourned (27 December 1922)

Officers of the Victorian Education Department joined on Friday in the expressions of general regret of the death of Mr. Thomas Curnow, the hero teacher who saved the train containing 40 police and a number of Pressmen from destruction by the Kelly gang of bushrangers, at Glenrowan, 42 ½ years ago.


In the news, November 11 2020

Earlier this week was the commemoration of Ned Kelly’s execution and in relation to that Glenrowan was the feature of an article in the Border Mail by journalist Anthony Bunn. The story was mirrored on other news sites as well, some of which are behind pay-walls and some of which aren’t. Below is a transcript […]

Glenrowan History News Reports

Commencement of the Fight (2 July 1880)

A contemporary new report describing the siege and Ned Kelly’s arrival in Melbourne.

Edward (Ned) Kelly History News Reports

Update on Ned Kelly’s health (21 October 1880)

NED KELLY (the Melbourne Herald learns) is cheerful and hopeful. He displayed in gaol none of the bloodthirsty characteristics attributed to him. He was indeed so mild and quiet in his demeanour that it was difficult to reconcile him with the terrible bushranger of the newspapers.

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Excitement at Glenrowan (3 July 1880)

A contemporary news report covering the immediate aftermath of the siege.

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Dr. Nicholson’s Account (19 July 1880)

An account of the events at Glenrowan told by the medic who attended Superintendent Hare and Ned Kelly.

The Author Speaks

Superintendent Hare’s Report (24 July 1880)

Account by Superintendent Hare of his re-assignment to the Kelly pursuit, the lead up to the siege and his involvement in the opening stage of the battle.

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Inquest on Sherritt (29 June 1880)

A report on Aaron Sherritt’s inquest including witness statements.

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The Kelly Gang and the Police (2 July 1880)

Two letters to the editor criticising the police actions at Glenrowan.