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The Kelly Bushrangers (3 July 1880)

The following description of what took place at Glenrowan is taken from the Melbourne Age of June 29, and although going over the same ground as the telegrams already published, contains fuller information…

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Senior Constable Kelly’s Testimony

Testimony given by Senior-Constable John Kelly regarding his involvement in the Kelly pursuit and the Glenrowan siege.

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Senior-Constable Kelly’s Statement (3 July 1880)

Mr. Superintendent Hare, with Mr. Rawlings, a volunteer from Benalla, was close to me. Mr. Hare said, “I am shot in the wrist,” but he continued to fire. We sought cover, and Hare said to me, ‘”For God’s sake surround the house, and don’t let them escape.” He then fired again, and gave the gun to Rawlings. He then left, saying, “Kelly, place the men under cover,” and I placed the men around the house.

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Commencement of the Fight (2 July 1880)

A contemporary new report describing the siege and Ned Kelly’s arrival in Melbourne.

Edward (Ned) Kelly First Hand Accounts History Superintendent Hare The Police

Dr. Nicholson’s Account (19 July 1880)

An account of the events at Glenrowan told by the medic who attended Superintendent Hare and Ned Kelly.

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Supt. Sadleir’s recollections

Extracts from Superintendent John Sadleir’s memoirs concerning the Glenrowan Siege and the events that led to it.

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A first-hand account of Jesse Dowsett’s rescue of Margaret Reardon and his involvement in Ned Kelly’s capture.