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David Mortimer’s Statement (9 July 1880)

The whole of the members of the gang were very jolly, and Ned told us that they had come there to settle the black trackers, and that he would be on the spot when the train ran over the culvert, and would shoot all who were not killed. We knew we could do nothing, and therefore did not take any steps to warn those in the train of the danger. Every member of the gang was then sober. They showed us their armor, and seemed to think that the police could do them no harm. At half-past two on Monday morning Ned Kelly said something to the effect that he did not think the special train was coming, and I then asked him if we could go home. He said ‘Yes,’ and I thanked him.

Glenrowan History News Reports

Hero of Glenrowan – Thomas Curnow Mourned (27 December 1922)

Officers of the Victorian Education Department joined on Friday in the expressions of general regret of the death of Mr. Thomas Curnow, the hero teacher who saved the train containing 40 police and a number of Pressmen from destruction by the Kelly gang of bushrangers, at Glenrowan, 42 ½ years ago.

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Superintendent Hare’s Report (24 July 1880)

Account by Superintendent Hare of his re-assignment to the Kelly pursuit, the lead up to the siege and his involvement in the opening stage of the battle.

First Hand Accounts Glenrowan History

Statement of Mr. Curnow (28 July 1880)

Thomas Curnow recounts his experience at Glenrowan as a prisoner of the Kelly Gang.

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Glenrowan on Film: True History of the Kelly Gang

How was the Glenrowan Siege portrayed in Justin Kurzel’s adaptation of Peter Carey’s novel, and how does it compare to what we know of the history?

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When the Kellys were Cornered – Dramatic Series of Telegrams – By L.T LUXTON

When the Kellys were Cornered (1931, December 12). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 8. When the Kellys were Cornered Dramatic Series of Telegrams By L.T LUXTON Like Robin Hood and his merry men, Ned Kelly and his picturesque ruffians are gradually acquiring the rosy glow of heroes of romance. How Ned and […]