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The Kelly Gang — by Electric Telegraph (14 August 1880)

A summary of news reports pertaining to Ned Kelly’s upcoming hearing, the armour, the injured Reardon boy, the burning of the inn and more.

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Charge of Harbouring the Kelly Gang (26 November 1880)

Anne Jones, late of the Glenrowan Hotel, was charged before the Wangaratta Bench this morning, under the 275th clause of the Criminal Offences Statute, with harbouring a felon.

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Death of Mr. John Sadleir (27 September 1919)

Mr. John Sadleir, who died at Elsternwick (V.), on September 22, aged 86 years, was born in Ireland in 1833, and arrived in Victoria on November 12, 1852. At the suggestion of an ex-officer of the 75th Regiment, whom he had known in Ireland, he joined (on December 1, 1852) the Police Cadets, a special corps formed by Governor Latrobe. Many members of this corps subsequently rose to high rank in the police force of Victoria, and it is believed that Mr. Sadleir was one of the last two survivors of it.

History News Reports Sub-Inspector O'Connor and the Queensland native police

Death of Stanhope O’Connor (Various articles, September 1908)

The death of Mr. Stanhope O’Connor, one of the senior members of the Stock Exchange of Melbourne, was announced on Tuesday. The deceased gentleman came under public notice in Victoria at the time of the Kelly gang, as he was then lent by the Queensland Government, with a troop of blacktrackers, to assist in the task of bringing the bushrangers to justice.

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Departure of Ned Kelly (6 August 1880)

Some time on Saturday morning, rumors were rife in Melbourne, says the Age, to the effect that Ned Kelly, who was expected to appear before the City Police this Monday morning, was not to undergo examination here, but was to be taken hence to Beechworth. Inquiry proved that this was correct, but as the authorities kept all proposed movements profoundly secret, a difficulty arose as to determining when and how the notorious outlaw would be deported to Beechworth.

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Death of Mr. Hare P.M. (11 July 1892)

A very wide circle will learn with deep regret of the death of Mr. Hare, P.M., which occurred at Rupertswood, Sunbury, the country residence of Sir William Clarke, yesterday afternoon. Some three months ago Mr. Hare was seized with an attack of diabetes, and until recently he was under special treatment at Mr. T. N. Fitzgerald’s private hospital, where he went through a successful operation, and recovered sufficiently to seek a change at Rupertswood.

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David Mortimer’s Statement (9 July 1880)

The whole of the members of the gang were very jolly, and Ned told us that they had come there to settle the black trackers, and that he would be on the spot when the train ran over the culvert, and would shoot all who were not killed. We knew we could do nothing, and therefore did not take any steps to warn those in the train of the danger. Every member of the gang was then sober. They showed us their armor, and seemed to think that the police could do them no harm. At half-past two on Monday morning Ned Kelly said something to the effect that he did not think the special train was coming, and I then asked him if we could go home. He said ‘Yes,’ and I thanked him.

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The Priest’s Statement (20 July 1880)

An account of the Glenrowan siege from the perspective of Father Matthew Gibney.

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Death of Jesse Dowsett (4 June 1931)

Mr Jesse Dowsett, who was a guard in the special train which took police to Glenrowan when Ned Kelly was captured in June, 1880, died at his home in Dandenong, early today, aged 88. Mr. Dowsett assisted in the capture of Ned Kelly, and was one of the very few participants in the affair commended by the Royal Commission which sat subsequently.

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Former Sub-Inspector Dies (27 May 1921)

Regret was expressed in the Police Department today at the death of Mr. Michael Edward Ward, 76, formerly sub-inspector in the Criminal Investigation Branch, which occurred at his home, Airdrie road, Caulfield, this morning.