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The Kelly Gang. New Light on an Old Tragedy (23 September 1911)

A compilation of interviews conducted by Brian Cookson of Ann Jones, Arthur Steele and Paddy Allen.

First Hand Accounts Glenrowan History

Jane Jones’ Statement (18 June 1881)

During this time we were dressing, and he was in the bedroom. He asked who was in the kitchen; and on mother saying only her four little boys, he said he must see them, and did see them asleep. He then said, ” Lock the door and come quick, as I have no time to loose.” Mother, again crying, asked him where he was going to take her to, and he said he had a lot of men bailed up on the road, and that she must come, too; as he was going to take up the line, to wreck a special train that was coming up with police and black trackers.

Creative Stephen (Steve) Hart Yarns from Kelly Country

The Tea Room

Steve Hart visits Ann Jones’s tea rooms in Wangaratta in the days before his outlawry.