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McIntyre’s escape: An extract from the unfinished ‘Glenrowan’ prequel.

McIntyre had since crawled out of the hole and put his boots back on. He stumbled through the bush, doused in rainwater, his boots rubbing uncomfortably. He paused long enough to realise he had put them on the wrong feet and switched them around. Convinced the gang were no longer in pursuit he decided to […]

Edward (Ned) Kelly History News Reports

Departure of Ned Kelly (6 August 1880)

Some time on Saturday morning, rumors were rife in Melbourne, says the Age, to the effect that Ned Kelly, who was expected to appear before the City Police this Monday morning, was not to undergo examination here, but was to be taken hence to Beechworth. Inquiry proved that this was correct, but as the authorities kept all proposed movements profoundly secret, a difficulty arose as to determining when and how the notorious outlaw would be deported to Beechworth.