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Charge of Harbouring the Kelly Gang (26 November 1880)

Anne Jones, late of the Glenrowan Hotel, was charged before the Wangaratta Bench this morning, under the 275th clause of the Criminal Offences Statute, with harbouring a felon.

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The Author Speaks: Regarding the story behind a moment of crude defiance

“Still, better than a wombat hole, hey, McIntyre?”

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McIntyre’s escape: An extract from the unfinished ‘Glenrowan’ prequel.

McIntyre had since crawled out of the hole and put his boots back on. He stumbled through the bush, doused in rainwater, his boots rubbing uncomfortably. He paused long enough to realise he had put them on the wrong feet and switched them around. Convinced the gang were no longer in pursuit he decided to […]

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Ned Kelly at Beechworth

A news report describing Ned Kelly’s conduct en route to Beechworth for his committal hearing.

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Ned Kelly Interviewed (August 1880)

“I do not pretend that I have led a blameless life, or that one fault justifies another ; but the public in judging a case like mine should remember that the darkest life may have a bright side, and that after the worst has been said against a man he may, if he has told his story, in his own rough way, that, will perhaps lead them to reverse the bent of their thoughts against him and find as many excuses for him as he would plead for himself.”