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The Kelly Gang — by Electric Telegraph (14 August 1880)

A summary of news reports pertaining to Ned Kelly’s upcoming hearing, the armour, the injured Reardon boy, the burning of the inn and more.

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Mrs. Kelly interviewed (17 May 1881)

Her residence, a four-roomed slab hut, with a bark roof, stands in the middle of a paddock comprising about 40 acres. It is within a short distance from a mountain called Quarry Hill, whence a good view of the surrounding country can be obtained. Within the paddock there were two or three horses and as many cows, and there were a few fowls and a tame kangaroo about the house. But the place presented a gloomy, desolate appearance. There was a very small kitchen garden, but there was no other land under cultivation. Some of the panes of glass in the windows were broken, and, excepting that some creepers had very recently been planted at the foot of the verandah posts, no attempt had been made to beautify the house, or make this home look homely.

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Destruction of the Kelly Gang: Further Particulars (5 July 1880)

The meagre items of news that became disseminated during the early part of the day were made the foundation of some sensational narratives with regard to the proceedings of sympathizers with the Kellys. It transpired that there had been a scene of disorder at Greta. Hart and some other friends of the outlaws indulged in some wild threat, stating their determination to prevent an inquest being held. An official report received during the morning reported that fifty armed men had joined Hart and his friends. The Chief Commissioner of Police (Captain Standish), who had returned to Melbourne, sent a body of armed police to the district by the earliest train, and another detachment was sent from Wangaratta, but consequent on the great excitement prevailing in the district the police were very guarded in their movements.

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The Author Speaks: Anecdotes and Editing

A brief discussion on the difficulty in choosing what to keep or cut when writing a book based on fact.

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An exclusive extract from chapter one of Glenrowan

An excerpt from chapter one: Loyalty concerning the outlaw Kelly brothers and their siblings.

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Inquest on Sherritt (29 June 1880)

A report on Aaron Sherritt’s inquest including witness statements.

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A Sister’s Love by William Beer (15 April 1881)

An 1881 poem about Kate Kelly.

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Kate Kelly visits a fortune teller (1 October 1880)

A brief news report gossiping about Kate Kelly’s trip to Geelong.

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The Author Speaks: on adding the polishing touches

A brief update on the editing process, Aaron Sherritt and cover art.

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Sherritt and the Kelly Gang

A news report covering Ned Kelly’s transfer to Beechworth and Aaron Sherritt’s relationship with the Kellys and police that led to his murder.