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The Kelly Bushrangers (3 July 1880)

The following description of what took place at Glenrowan is taken from the Melbourne Age of June 29, and although going over the same ground as the telegrams already published, contains fuller information…

First Hand Accounts Glenrowan History

Robert Gibbons’ Statement (3 July 1880)

I am a farmer, and have recently been stopping at Glenrowan with Mr. Reynolds. I came to the railway station about 8 o’clock on Sunday night with Mr.. Reynolds to ask about his little boy, who had not been home. When we knocked at the door Mrs. Stainstreet told us that Mr. Hart was inside, and that they had been stuck up ever since 3 o’clock on Saturday morning. We followed her in, and saw Steve Hart. She told him who we were, and he then put his fire-arms down, giving us to understand that we were not to go out.