Editing The Author Speaks

The Author Speaks: on progress (5 May, 2020)

The light at the end of the tunnel approaches – but will we run out of steam?

As of writing this I am very close to the end of the edit. Once I have completed this draft I will be giving it to my most trusted readers for a review. To say getting this far has been hard work would be accurate, but underselling things a bit.

To put it into some form of context, today I have finished editing three chapters. I do get a lot more done when I’m concentrating on the actual craft of writing more than fact checking, and that is the most frustrating aspect. There are times when I get through a section pretty quickly then think, “That was easy. A little too easy,” and proceed to question myself.

Current mood

I am in the middle of writing the actual siege portion of the story and I find it extremely emotionally draining. Obviously that’s kind of what you want, because it conveys the kind of emotions one would feel if trapped in a house getting shot at for seven hours. Yet, at the same time it has to be compelling and it can be hard to gauge that when you’re so close to the work. I think it will be a book that is likely to be enjoyed more by people who are Kelly buffs (can I call them “Ned-Heads”?) rather than the average person who reads whatever is a New York Times bestselling book. Time will tell of course and I do hope it will appeal to a wider range of readers.

I aim to be sending copies to my readers at the end of next week if I can maintain my mojo. Sounds simple enough but life often has funny ways of working. Here’s hoping!

By AJFPhelan56

Father, writer, artist and bushranging historian residing in Melbourne, Australia. Author of 'Glenrowan' and the popular website A Guide to Australian Bushranging.

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