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All the information you need to procure your copy of Glenrowan prior to the official launch date.

Pre-orders for Glenrowan are now closed.

The official launch date is July 31. Any orders placed between July 27 and the launch will not be dispatched until August.

Read on for more information.

How long does it take to get my book?

There is no exact timeframe for delivery given the impact of the Coronavirus on postage, however the books are scheduled to be mailed out on the launch date (July 31) and you will receive notification by email when it is on its way. Domestic orders should receive their books within a week.

What happens after the book launches?

You can still make purchases from our SHOP page. However, these orders will not be dispatched until after all of the pre-orders have been sent out.

As with pre-orders, people from overseas or wishing to use direct debit will need to email to place their order and get the payment details.

We are also working on having the book available for sale in stores and on external websites, but more information on that will be released when there is more to report.

By AJFPhelan56

I am a 30-something father, writer and artist residing in Melbourne, Australia. Currently writing novels and screenplays on top of running the popular bushranger site A Guide to Australian Bushranging.

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