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The Author Speaks: “Glenrowan: the edit continues…”

Aidan Phelan discusses the editing progress on the eve of ANZAC Day, 2020.

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Supt. Sadleir’s recollections

Extracts from Superintendent John Sadleir’s memoirs concerning the Glenrowan Siege and the events that led to it.

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The Author Speaks: On Editing

Right now I’m in the process of doing my final edit of Glenrowan in preparation for publishing. I’ve lost count of how many edits I’ve done, but I think it’s at least three or four big edits since I completed the first draft of the whole book. It’s a very important and painstaking process. The […]

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The Author Speaks: on inclusion and exclusion

Aidan Phelan discusses the challenge of working out what to keep in snd what to take out when adapting history into a narrative text.

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Why Glenrowan?

Where did the idea for the novel originate? What makes the story of the Glenrowan siege so compelling?